Destination Kansas City
Crispy Chicken

Next stop: Kansas City, home to jazz music and good old-fashioned American barbecue. To create our Smoky BBQ Crispy Chicken, we start by slow-roasting our chicken — marinated in sweet, tangy BBQ sauce overnight. Then we add in other jazzy favorites to spice things up, and top it off with our creamy Ranch dressing to really make it sing.

Enjoy it as a Salad, Warm Grain Bowl or Wrap.

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SmOky BBQ Crispy Chicken

romaine/iceberg blend, smoky bbq crispy chicken, diced tomatoes, sweet corn, cheddar cheese, onion crisps, ranch

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An adventure in every bite

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jazz it up

try smoky chickpeas to add
a veg-friendly protein

go with avocado

add avocado for healthy
fats and creamy goodness

ExplOre Kansas City and SmOky BBQ Crispy Chicken