EAT THIS NOT THAT!: This Fast-Food Salad Chain is Expanding Its Locations

chef salad

Lots are popping up before the end of 2020!

The coronavirus pandemic has hit restaurants with salad bars and buffets hard. Even though there is no evidence that the virus can spread on surfaces, food sitting out in public as people come and go isn’t very appealing. In June, one buffet-style chain announced they are closing their almost 100 restaurants for good.

Unlike Souplantation, one salad chain is actually adding locations. Saladworks has already opened more than 20 new locations in this year alone. That’s not all, though — 20 to 30 more are supposedly going to open before 2021. Three states will get their first, making Saladworks salads, wraps, soups, and more available at over 115 locations in 26 states across the country, according to Forbes.

The new additions come after the restaurant entered into a partnership with ShopRite grocery stores before the pandemic. Four supermarkets in areas of Philadelphia and Baltimore considered to be “low-income areas” already have the restaurant. Two more are coming to stores in Philadelphia and two are opening in Staten Island, New York. All four will be open by November, the publication reports. More locations are also coming to a  grocery chain in the Northeast later in the year. However, specifics are still unknown.

Compared to the main restaurant locations, Saladworks in supermarkets only serve salads. In case customers are hesitant to order from the chain, there are no buffet options available. Employees make the salads in a glass-lined kiosk.

Restaurants are already using glass dividers to separate tables outdoors, too. But as the virus continues to spread and dining inside in the fall becomes less likely, expect to see things like blankets, space heaters, and more comfortable furniture when you’re dining al fresco. You may also notice warmer comfort foods making their way onto menus, too, to keep you toasty as the weather gets chillier.

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